The drawdown of the lake has occurred.  As you have been asked in the past, please plan to remove your docks, pull floating docks onto shore, and clean up debris at your site if possible.

Can you help a neighbor who may have a difficult time with these tasks?  That’s how to show community support, and to be a good steward of the lake!  Thank you.

Dine for a Cause @308 Lakeside to benefit the LLCA Lake Management Fund-Wed Sept 22

         308 Lakeside is supporting LLCA with a “Dine for a Cause” fundraiser on Wednesday, September 22.  It’s easy and a great opportunity to connect with friends and neighbors.

Simply have dinner at 308 Lakeside on September 22 and present the “coupon” below to your server.  308 Lakeside will donate 20% of the food bill total to the LLCA Lake Management Fund.  It is not limited to LLCA members so copy the coupon and give it to friends and family.  Let’s try to fill up the restaurant!

Please note that currently 308 is requiring reservations and take out is not eligible for the donation.

Hope to see you on September 22 !

Click HERE to download the LLCA Dine for a Cause 09-22-2021 COUPON

IMPORTANT: No Wake Zone Has Been Lifted

Thank you for following the NO WAKE protocols.  The water level has receded, so we are now happy to announce that the NO WAKE has been lifted.
Enjoy boating on the lake once again. Please, still be aware of any floating escaped docks or debris.



Thank You 308 Lakeside Restaurant!

The LLCA board would like to thank 308 Lakeside for their generous donation of $2,500 from profits of their annual golf tournament, held in August.   This donation will augment our Lake Management Fund.  Their philanthropic gesture is very much appreciated!

IMPORTANT Lake Management Information

The Pond and Lake Connection has been contracted by the Lake Lashaway Community Association for the 2021 season to begin managing the invasive Milfoil, Fanwort and Naiad within the lake. Management activities will include periodic pond inspections and targeted weed treatments.

The first treatment is scheduled for the morning of Wednesday June 30, 2021, with follow-up inspections & treatment on July 26, 2021 & August 9, 2021. It is suggested that you periodically visit this website for any changes as a result of weather condition.

 Please note the following water use restrictions following treatment;

1 Day Swimming, Boating & Fishing Restriction

1 Day Livestock Watering Restriction (Agricultural)

2 Day Direct Drinking Restriction

5 Day Irrigation Restriction 


Boat Ramp has reopened July 1

The first treatment was completed as planned on June 30th…and the boat ramp has been reopened as of July 1st.   Next treatment is scheduled for Mon July 26

Safety on the Lake

The Executive Board met with the Chiefs of Police and Harbormasters of both East and North Brookfield to discuss public safety issues on Lake Lashaway.  Ideally, it would be advantageous for the Harbormasters to periodically patrol the lake, especially on the weekend.   Unfortunately, neither town has an adequate motor craft available to do such a patrol.

In the absence of lake patrol, it is up to us residents to be vigilant in spotting unsafe situations.  IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. If people are boating too close to the shore, if they are speeding, if they are towing dangerously, ignoring no wake zone 6 MPH rule or any other unsafe situation – CALL the POLICE DISPATCH at (508) 867-1170.

Aquatic Herbicides

US EPA registered, and state-approved herbicides can be a highly effective method in the treatment in invasive species. For information relative to the products suggested by Pond & Lake Connection, please go to the Lake Management tab Environment section of this website.

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