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Protecting and maintaining Lake Lashaway takes a community of people. Below are several links to information about the efforts to maintain a healthy lake and surrounding areas.

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2022 TRC Survey of Lake Lashaway

 ESS Survey of Lake Lashaway 2018 and Key Takeaways:



ESS Proposal: Lake Lashaway Proposal 053018 final

Biological Survey Report for Lake Lashaway 2012, Lycott Environmental (Report was done in September of 2012 and submitted January 2013. There will be another survey to compare results. Report needs time to load before reading)

Non-Native Aquatic Management Plan, as proposed by Pond & Lake Connection.

Treatment Description

Aquatic Herbicides

US EPA Diquat Dibromide Registration Report

In 1988, the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) was amended to accelerate the reregistration of products with active ingredients registered prior to November 1, 1984. Reregistration needed to be completed within nine years. The purpose of the Agency’s review was to reassess the potential hazards arising from the then currently registered uses of the pesticide; to determine the need for additional data on health and environmental effects; and to determine whether the pesticide meets the “no unreasonable adverse effects” criterion of FIFRA. Diquat Dibromide received its reregistration in 1995.

Read More :EPA Diquat

Clipper Herbicide
EPA Reg, number 59639-161 Original registration November 9, 2010 .  Clipper is a contact herbicide for the treatment of controlling the Fanwort invasive weeds.

Read More: Clipper


EPA Reg. number 67690-4 original registration September 27, 2007.  Sonar is a systemic herbicide for the treatment of Fanwort invasive weeds.

Read more: Sonar


EPA Reg. number 67690-79 original registration February 27, 2018 ProcellaCOR is a systemic herbicide for the treatment of Milfolie invasive weeds.

Read more: ProcellaCOR EPA


LLCA Documents

LLCA BY-LAWS 1990 w/proposed Amendments

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LLCA Article of Organization

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