Lake Lashaway Community Association

Lake Lashaway Community Association

Lake Lashaway Community Association

Hello Lake Lashaway Association Members & Friend


LLCA has requested the East Brookfield Highway Dept. to advise the Association of any changes relative to the drawdown.  It is our understanding that the drawdown will end mid to late March 2023, once there is no longer ice on the lake.


Important Notices


Safety on the ICE

Lake Caution Signs

If you have attended either of the last two Member meetings you will remember that we talked about the improvements we made to our buoy system on Lake Lashaway. We now have permanent anchors in the ground at each buoy location. By doing this it makes it much easier to put in and take out the buoys around the lake. If you have had a chance to walk along the shoreline recently, you would have noticed new markers that have been installed at each buoy location. They stand approximately 4-5 ft. high above the ground level. These markers have a wooden triangle on them painted a bright orange color. The purpose of these markers is to make any and all recreational vehicles aware of the permanent anchors that are in the ground. Please make sure that you stay clear of these markers while 4-wheeling or snowmobiling along the shorelines.

To locate all buoy locations please refer to this map of Lake Lashaway. All buoys are marked on the map by a red dot. You can also view this map in person. This map is located at the boat ramp of Lake Lashaway.



Membership 2023 Fee Structure

In recent years, the Lake Lashaway environmental needs have increased significantly.  The introduction and growth of invasive weed species have required us to consider and introduce herbicides to reduce infestation.  This treatment is costly and is a long-term commitment by the Association to keep our lake clean and safe for all residents and users.  To this end, the LLCA established a Lake Management Fund to address and support all aspects of protecting our lake, our scenic pleasure and our investment.

In order to address the LLCA’s increased financial needs associated with the continued weed program maintenance and other improvements, the Board is suggesting Membership Program and Fee structure used in 2022 be the method for support in 2023. It is important to note that the main form of revenue for the LLCA is the Membership Program.  We are extremely grateful for the significant increase in membership in the past two years and most thankful for the generosity of many of our members in contributing to the lake fund. .The new Membership Program establishes the following criteria:

  1. The annual fees are divided into two categories: the general membership fee (fixed amount) and the lake management fund fee (variable amount).
  2. The lake management fund fee will be calculated annually and assessed based on the projected budget expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year (the greater the membership the lower per household cost).

The board will be sending the Annual Appeal letter in January with the suggested Fees.

Let’s all stand together as a lake community.

A BIG Thank You to ALL of our Corporate Sponsors!

The wonderful lake community is stepping up! We now have 7 (!) Corporate Sponsors who have generously renewed their supported of our Lake Management Fund for 2023

  • Please express your thanks to 4 BRONZE SPONSORS:  TIMBERYARD BREWING CO, BROOKFIELD ORCHARDS, CROWLEY FUEL, LAMOUREUX FORD,  Each of these local businesses has given their support to our lake management efforts.  Please be sure to mention your appreciation whenever you visit these establishments, and support them with your patronage.
  • Much thanks to our latest SILVER SPONSOR – INLAND DOCKS.  Please support them for your docking needs.
  • A huge thank you to our  GOLD SPONSOR –  308 LAKESIDE Restaurant.  The partners of 308 Lakeside Restaurant have joined the growing ranks of local businesses that support our Lake Management Fund by participating in our Corporate Sponsor program.  You’ll recall that the 308 Lakeside Association also gifted us with proceeds from their annual golf tournament in 2021, and again with proceeds from the “Dine for a Cause” fundraisers..  We are very grateful for their continued support and generosity, so please also support their business with your patronage for lakeside dining.

  • A huge thank you to our inaugural GOLD SPONSOR – HOWE LUMBER CO., INC.  Howe has shown their support for our efforts, so please  show that WE also support THEM! They are located at 225 West Main Street in East Brookfield, MA 01515. Their knowledgeable owners and staff can assist you with your home building and renovation needs.

Aquatic Herbicides

US EPA registered, and state-approved herbicides can be a highly effective method in the treatment in invasive species. For information relative to the products suggested by Pond & Lake Connection, please go to the Lake Management tab Environment section of this website.

Calendar of Events 

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  PLEASE thank our Corporate Sponsors for their support with your patronage!

Thank you to our GOLD Corporate Sponsors !

And to our BRONZE Corporate Sponsors! 

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(LLCA) is a 501 (c) 3, non-profit organization.

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