Lake Lashaway Community Association

Lake Lashaway Community Association

Lake Lashaway Community Association

Hello Lake Lashaway Association Members & Friends

US Coast Guard Annual Courtesy Boat Safety Event – June 24, 202

US Coast Guard Auxiliary will be at Lake Lashaway to conduct our annual boat safety inspections on June 24, 2023, from 9 – 12 at the 308 Lakeside docks.  It is just an exercise for safety on the lake and has no negative effect on boat owners.  Come to the 308 Lakeside docks and make sure your boat is fully equipped for safety. As they did last year, 308 will be donating gift cards to be raffled off for anyone who attends to have their boat inspected.  A great big thank you to 308 for their continued support of this program.


Important Notices


LAKE TREATMENT Tuesday June 20, 2023

The Pond and Lake Connection has been contracted by the Lake Lashaway Community Association for the 2023 season to continue managing the invasive Milfoil, Fanwort, Brittle Naiad and nuisance weed potamogetan within the lake. Management activities will include periodic pond inspections and targeted weed treatments. The first treatment is scheduled for the morning of Tuesday, June 20, 2023, with follow-up inspections & treatments yet to be determined. The lake will be closed on this day.  It is suggested that you periodically visit our website for any changes as a result of weather conditions.

Please note the following water use restrictions following treatment

1 Day Swimming, Boating & Fishing Restriction

1 Day Livestock Watering Restriction (Agricultural)

2 Day Direct Drinking Restriction

5 Day Irrigation Restriction

Membership 2023 Fee

In recent years, the Lake Lashaway environmental needs have increased significantly.  The introduction and growth of invasive weed species and nuisance weeds required us to consider and introduce herbicides to reduce infestation.  This treatment is costly and is a long-term commitment by the Association to keep our lake clean and safe for all residents and users.  LLCA is planning to continue treatment this year.

In order to address the LLCA’s increased financial needs associated with the continued weed program maintenance and other improvements, the Board is suggesting Membership Program and Fee structure 2023 be a general membership fee $50 (fixed amount) and the lake management fund fee $50 (variable amount).

If you are not a member, your consideration to become one is greatly appreciated.You can find the membership form on this site.

Let’s all stand together as a lake community.

A BIG Thank You to ALL of our Corporate Sponsors!

The wonderful lake community is stepping up! We now have 13 (!) Corporate Sponsors who have generously joined or renewed their supported of our Lake Management Fund for 2023

Please welcome our latest sponsor Mike Field, Electrician.  You can contact Mike for all your residential and commercial needs  at

  • Please express your thanks to our BRONZE SPONSORS:  TIMBERYARD BREWING CO, BROOKFIELD ORCHARDS, CROWLEY FUEL, LAMOUREUX FORD, CORNERSTONE BANK & MIKE FIELD, ELECTRICIAN.  Each of these local businesses has given their support to our lake management efforts.  Please be sure to mention your appreciation whenever you visit these establishments, and support them with your patronage.
  • Much thanks to our latest SILVER SPONSOR – INLAND DOCKS AND MICHAEL TOOMEY & ASSOCIATES.  Please support them for your docking and real estate needs


Aquatic Herbicides

US EPA registered, and state-approved herbicides can be a highly effective method in the treatment in invasive species. For information relative to the products suggested by Pond & Lake Connection, please go to the Lake Management tab Environment section of this website.

Calendar of Events 

Town Adaptive Water Ski Event July 14, 2023

Anyone is welcome to stop by the town beach to see what it is all about and to just share in the fun.  The participants are folks of any age with a variety of disabilites, The best time would be 1 pm to visitors.

U S Coast Guard annual courtesy boat safety

The U S Coast Guard will be at Lake Lashaway to conduct boat safety inspections on June 24, 2023.  It is just an exercise for safety on the lake and has no negative effort on boat owners.  So come and make sure your boat is fully equipped for safety.

  PLEASE thank our Corporate Sponsors for their support with your patronage!

Thank you to our GOLD Corporate Sponsors !


And to our SILVER Corporate Sponsors! 

Inland Docks    

And to our BRONZE Corporate Sponsors! 

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