The wonderful lake community is stepping up! We now have 7 (!) Corporate Sponsors who have generously renewed their supported of our Lake Management Fund for 2023

  • Please express your thanks to 4 BRONZE SPONSORS:  TIMBERYARD BREWING CO, BROOKFIELD ORCHARDS, CROWLEY FUEL, LAMOUREUX FORD,  Each of these local businesses has given their support to our lake management efforts.  Please be sure to mention your appreciation whenever you visit these establishments, and support them with your patronage.
  • Much thanks to our latest SILVER SPONSOR – INLAND DOCKS.  Please support them for your docking needs.
  • A huge thank you to our  GOLD SPONSOR –  308 LAKESIDE Restaurant.  The partners of 308 Lakeside Restaurant have joined the growing ranks of local businesses that support our Lake Management Fund by participating in our Corporate Sponsor program.  You’ll recall that the 308 Lakeside Association also gifted us with proceeds from their annual golf tournament in 2021, and again with proceeds from the “Dine for a Cause” fundraisers..  We are very grateful for their continued support and generosity, so please also support their business with your patronage for lakeside dining.

  • A huge thank you to our inaugural GOLD SPONSOR – HOWE LUMBER CO., INC.  Howe has shown their support for our efforts, so please  show that WE also support THEM! They are located at 225 West Main Street in East Brookfield, MA 01515. Their knowledgeable owners and staff can assist you with your home building and renovation needs.