In recent years, the Lake Lashaway environmental needs have increased significantly.  The introduction and growth of invasive weed species have required us to consider and introduce herbicides to reduce infestation.  This treatment is costly and is a long-term commitment by the Association to keep our lake clean and safe for all residents and users.  To this end, the LLCA established a Lake Management Fund to address and support all aspects of protecting our lake, our scenic pleasure and our investment.

In order to address the LLCA’s increased financial needs associated with the continued weed program maintenance and other improvements, the Board has devised a new Membership Program and Fee structure.  It is important to note that the main form of revenue for the LLCA is the Membership Program.  We are extremely grateful for the significant increase in 2021 membership and most thankful for the generosity of many of our members in contributing to the lake fund; however, the Association does not have a predictable income stream by which to manage.  Ideally, a homeowners association approach would work best.  Unfortunately, such a structure would require statutory changes and the Towns’ assistance, which may be a future consideration.  In the interim, a commonsense approach is for Lake Lashaway homeowners to voluntarily pay their share of annual maintenance costs.

The new Membership Program establishes the following criteria:

  1. The annual fees are divided into two categories: the general membership fee (fixed amount) and the lake management fund fee (variable amount).
  2. The lake management fund fee will be calculated annually and assessed based on the projected budget expenditure for the upcoming fiscal year (the greater the membership the lower per household cost).

Let’s all stand together as a lake community.