Safe Boating and Use of the Lake


  • When this sign is up at the ramp to Lake Lashaway, only slow speed is legal anywhere on the lake. Any infraction is subject to police action. (Going too fast and creating a wake also includes no skiing or tubing when the sign is up)
  • All motorboats and personal watercraft exceeding 6 mph headway speed must use a counter-clockwise direction when traveling on the lake
  • Maximum speed of all watercraft is 45 mph daytime
  • Maximum speed 6 MPH:
    • Near unpowered boats and swimmers
    • Between Island and Camp Atwater
    • Within 150-feet of shore
    • From boat ramp through channel buoys and second orange buoy
    • From dusk to dawn
    • Through designated NO Wake zone area (See gray areas on the map.)
  • Buoys mark areas of danger: sandbars, sunken peninsulas or islands and are also found at the channel nearest the North End Boat Ramp. No powered vessels are allowed to operate inside the orange and yellow buoy markers offshore or within the fenced border of the town residents’ beach

Any person swimming more than 50 feet from shore, including any person under the supervision of a town beach employee, and including any person in a tube or air-filled raft or other devices, must be accompanied by a manned boat no further than 25 feet away


All SUP users on inland lakes or rivers, when not in a bathing or swimming area, are required by law to have a Type I, II, or III personal floatation device (PFD) aboard.

  • Driver AND observer required to tow skier/tube
  • Clean ALL weeds from prop/trailer before and after using the boat ramp. It’s the law.
  • Offshore, anchored rafts or floats must be clearly marked so as to be seen at night. Recommended are white striping, markers or flags. If possible, shore floodlights should be used in the evening.
  • These same anchored rafts or floats must be secure so as to remain in one location at all times.
  • Between sunset and sunrise, all moving boats (underway) must display a white light seen 360 degrees
  • All docks must be securely anchored down and should be brought in by December 1st
  • State regulations regarding the throwing of trash, cans, bottles or garbage into or around the lake are strictly enforced.


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